Be Aware: Security Concern That Is More Basic than A Cyber Attack


As we start a new decade, many of us struggle with changing dates when signing documents.  Checks are one of the most common, but other legal documents are also at risk.  If you are in the habit of writing day/month/last two numerals of the year, then you are putting yourself at risk. Example: 1/5/20.  If you do this then someone could come behind, you and add 17 or 19 to the 20 and make it look as if you signed a document in a different year causing all kinds of headaches down the road.  So that document you signed on January 5, 2020 now looks like you signed it on January 5, 2017 or 2019.  When signing documents for the next year you should write out 2020 with all four numerals to avoid problems.