Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein: Providing Extraordinary Customer Service with the Help of Cloud-Based Server

Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein, a full-service law firm located in Kernersville, NC, was faced with the question of updating their current server or making the move to a cloud-based server solution. After realizing the cost savings and benefits, it was an obvious choice.

Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein is a dedicated law firm that believes in providing extraordinary customer service to individuals and businesses.  The firm strives to maintain relationships with clients, while offering a broad range of legal services to address issues that may arise over a lifetime.

For Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein, the security of their client’s information and the reliability of their systems are critical in providing the level of customer service expected.  They pride themselves in being dependable and timely, both of which require a reliable, secure technology solution.



The firm was aware that the life expectancy of their computer equipment was fast approaching.  Aging servers were hindering in office processes and making it difficult to work efficiently for the attorneys.  The staff was spending ample amounts of time waiting on applications to process data, with no way to properly scale the technology to meet new demands.

They were also faced with the everchanging office environment and needed mobility to access Line of Business software (LOB) that would allow for out of office consultations and remote access during working days in the courtroom. The firm had considered moving to a cloud based LOB software, but were surprised at the cost involved with this upgrade.

Aging equipment, the need for anywhere access and mobility, and the ability to easily scale the technology were all must-haves on the attorney’s list of needs when they spoke to Solace IT Solutions (Solace).



Solace, familiar with the reliability, benefits, and scalability of Azure, knew the cloud-based server environment would be a perfect fit for the law firm.  The anywhere access provided by the Azure environment, used alongside remote desktop services (RDS) manager, would allow for mobility without sacrificing security or management abilities. The team also felt secure in the reliability of the environment with hosting provided by servers located within Microsoft Global Datacenters, known for industry-leading physical security systems and redundant internet connections.

The first step in the process was to build the environment within Azure.  Azure templates were used to assist the team in choosing the best cloud solutions for the firm’s needs.  Once the environment was built, the RDS manager was installed and LOB software was installed on the remote servers. Data was migrated and users and user policies were created.  Lastly, the applications were published to a webpage for users to easily access the applications.

Client: Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein

Focus: Cloud Based Mobility & Scalability

Date: July 2018



Aging Hardware
Lack of Mobility
Line of Business Software Web Based Limitations & Expense

Solution Highlights

Office 365 Business
RDS Manager

Result Highlights



Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein has a reliable, secure environment that allows remote access for users.  The mobility and security created by the cloud-based server environment has allowed the attorneys to work outside of the office more efficiently, while obtaining the ability to easily scale their technology needs.  The benefits of an off-site server, consistent off-site backups, and anywhere access to LOB software has saved the attorneys time and relieved the stress of managing onsite servers.

With the new solution, Coltrane Grubbs & Orenstein can continue to provide the customer service their clients expect, while maintaining the security of client data and allowing for mobility and scalability required in today’s legal industry.