Every CFO has weighed the pros and cons, at some point, of contracting a help desk. Is it really necessary? After all, Sally in accounting is great with computers and the guy Bob who always wears sports ties; his kid has been a huge help.
While this may have been a reasonable method of service at one point, it’s time to consider how this impacts the current business.

What is a help desk?
An effective means of contacting I.T. support to acquire technical support. In addition, a helpdesk may provide additional intangible benefits such as proactive maintenance.

How do I know if I need a help desk?
Sometimes we hear “It’s been working fine, no need to change the way we operate.”
To this, I ask if you have any of the following:

1. Do you have a standardized process in place when a new employee is hired or let go?
2. Are you aware of what operating system and essential software is, or is not, compatible with your accounting software?
3. Do you have verified off-site backups in the case of a system loss or disaster?
4. Business dependent software that should be updated and upgraded.

How will a help desk make my company more successful?

1. Increased productivity by avoiding repeat technical problems.
2. Reduction of internal stress.
3. Improvements to the technology based on the business needs and feedback.
4. Rapid data recovery and workstation deployment in the event of a system failure.
5. Machines will be more secure, maintained and compatible with web based services.

Does a help desk only help with computers?
Assisting an end user with their workstation is just the beginning of what comes with help desk support. While support can be purchased a la carte, it’s essentially suggested to go with a managed services contract where everything under the roof and then some is covered. A help desk analyst can troubleshoot and support a wide array of network devices. Here a few things that a help desk can assist with:

1. Server
2. Cell Phone
3. Desk Phone
4. NAS Device
5. Switch
6. Firewall
7. Remote Desktop Connectivity

At times remote support may need to be escalated to an on-site technician. Business owners and employees both find this feature a comfort should the need arise. Solace IT Solutions can be an asset to your business. Please feel free to contact Nikki Adams at nadams@solaceits.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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