This is the second time in 20 years as a Microsoft partner that Microsoft has come to Solace IT Solutions to try out a beta product to test and work through the bugs. The first was Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program which allows Partners to resell Office 365 and Azure. This has allowed Solace to directly add licensing for Microsoft Cloud Services into our Managed Services offerings.

Microsoft came to Solace IT Solutions in January and asked if we wanted to take part in a new product launch targeting small businesses. We readily agreed and when we learned about the new program, we knew this would help our clients. Our mission is to Enable our customers to better their businesses through the use of creative IT solutions, so with Microsoft’s introduction of a new Creative IT solution, it was a perfect fit for our Small Business clients.

Microsoft 365 Business includes all the features that our clients have come to love like Exchange Online, Skype for Business and SharePoint but now includes Teams, Office Business Premium, Windows 10 Business, Mobile Device Management, Antivirus and Security and does it all fromone integrated portal.

What does Microsoft 365 Business mean for our clients?

Microsoft 365 Business means that we are now able to offer all of the features that were only available in Enterprise products to our small business customers for a low monthly price. Our clients will be able to manage mobile devices in a way that hasn’t been possible before. They will be able to secure their corporate data to prevent a breach or accidental data loss.

Data Loss and Small Business

Data loss is a real concern for small businesses. They don’t have large IT budgets like bigger corporations and they still need to protect their data in the same manner. Microsoft has addressed this need and is now offering Microsoft 365 Business to solve the issue of data loss for small business.

By upgrading workstations to Windows 10, adding mobile management from Intune and providing Enterprise class AntiVirus/AntiMalware software, small businesses will have the tools they need to protect their data.

IT Managers – One Easy-to-use Microsoft 365 Business Portal

The best feature for IT managers is the ability to manage all of this from one easy-to-use portal.  For example, if you need to prevent the use of the native mail app on an iPhone from having access to corporate email, it is only a few clicks in the portal.

I can hear you asking, “Why would I need to prevent the use of the native mail app?”

Let’s use the example of a sales person that is selling your product or service. They have your whole corporate contact list readily available on their personal phone. They quit or are fired. Do you want them to continue to have that contact list when they are now working for your competitor? With Microsoft 365 Business, with one click you can remove all corporate data from their phone without affecting their personal data like pictures or text messages.

Another real-life example: What if you are working on a highly confidential project and are creating documents with sensitive information. If the data were to get out, it could negatively impact your business and break your project launch. With Microsoft 365 Business, as soon as a few key words are identified in the document, it is immediately encrypted, watermarked as confidential and flagged so that it cannot be copied or emailed out of the organization. Once these new features are enabled, this all happens automatically in the background.

At a relatively small price increase of $7.50/month above Office 365 Business Premium, your company gets a lot of new features that protect your company and make your managing IT easier. Microsoft 365 Business is $20/user/month. With that, your company gets

  • Windows 10 Business license
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Device Management
  • Windows Defender
  • Teams
  • Connections
  • Listings
  • Invoicing and more.

To get started with your upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business, get in touch with Solace ITS or send email Looking at this on your phone? Click to call us at 336.904.9100