What does a single pane of glass mean for your organization? For some, it’s simply a single management console that presents data from multiple sources in a unified display. For me, it’s Microsoft’s newest offering, Microsoft 365 Business. In my opinion, Microsoft has reinvented the single pane of glass concept with the creation of Microsoft 365 Business. So, what is Microsoft 365 Business, you ask? It is a unified cross-platform solution designed with SMBs in mind by incorporating the power of Microsoft Intune, Windows 10, and Office 365.

Being fortunate enough to be a part of the Private Preview, I had hands on experience with the new portal.  I was absolutely taken back as to how easy it is to setup, implement and deploy Windows 10 to devices running Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Pro. The overall time your organization will save when deploying Windows 10 using Microsoft 365 Business over the standard gold image is staggering. Microsoft has achieved this by modernizing the deployment experience through cloud configuration. Once your organization’s IT customizes the Windows 10 setup experience, the “shrink wrapped” Windows 10 device can be placed in the hands of your user(s), the user or IT can then setup the device with a streamlined experience customized by IT and within a matter of minutes Windows 10 is all set with your organization’s customized configurations, settings, and applications.

How does your organization take advantage of this offering? It’s simple. Solace is a Microsoft Gold Partner  and can sell the licenses through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program for your organization. Once the subscription has been added to your tenant, Solace will setup the Office 365 IT admin experience and within a few clicks, your organization is ready to upgrade PCs to Windows 10.

The best part of this offering, as an admin you will be able to create, edit, or delete policies, remove company data, factory reset, manage office deployment and upgrade PCs to Windows 10 all within one single pane; the Policies, Devices and Windows 10 Upgrade cards located in the Office 365 Admin Center.

Microsoft 365 Business Cross-Platform SolutionSo again, what does a single pane of glass mean to you? To me it means simplicity, security and managed control. Solace has the experience, knowledge, and ability to advance your organization to the next level Microsoft 365 Business Cloud Suite.