Teams Tips and Tricks for Every Kind of Team member

Are you a stalker or a stubborn mule when you use Teams?   

No worries, Teams has created some great features that will suit every team member and their special habits. Find out which team member you are and use these great tips to make your life simpler.  

 STALKER – Notify When Available 

   Office Stalker

This is the user that sits in the office and waits for others to get out of a meeting or pounce on them before they can dig into their next activity. For that stalker there is an option in Teams called “Notify When Available”. This setting will show a popup notification when the users status changes from any status to “Available”.  To enable this feature, click on the  beside the users name in chat and select “Notify when Available”.  Happy stalking!
 Teams User Notification




TEAMS NEWBIE – Device Settings 

lady in video conference

This is the user that is just starting to use Teams who always has a sound or mic issue during the meeting. You know the one who you can barely hear, or they sound as if they may be speaking through a megaphone.  This also includes the blank stare employee who cannot hear anything going on but is too embarrassed to ask for help.  Well, this tip will help them.  

 With Laptops it is common to have multiple cameras, speakers and microphones.  You can use the “Device Settings” option when joined to a meeting to change which of these devices are active.  To do so click the  while in the meeting and select “Device Settings”. Select the best settings, mics and speakers, for your device. Please practice this with another employee so when you do get on a meeting you don’t get tagged as a “Newb”. 

 Teams device settingsteams specific device settings

 KNOW IT ALL GEEK –  Slash Commands 


For the users that are super advanced and know more than most, (or at least think they do like me) Teams gives users the ability to use “Slash” commands in the Search bar to quickly do tasks without changing screens.  For example, if you wanted to send a quick chat while you were working on a document in Teams just type /chat Users Name Hello have a quick question and press Enter.  There are tons of options to do using the Slash commands.  To check them out type “/” in the search bar for a list of all shortcuts. This will give the Geeks the power over the Office for everything Teams. 

 Teams slash Feature


MEETING JUNKIE – Zoom Feature 

Meeting Junkie

Microsoft and Teams just announced a partnership where you can create, join and administer Zoom meetings from inside the Teams.  This option must be enabled in the admin center and the app must be added to your Microsoft Teams Application.  It is also required to have a Zoom account to integrate with.  Pretty cool to manage both meeting platforms in one place. This is usually required when the Meeting Junkie needs a meeting to schedule his next meeting. 

 Zoom integration in Teams 

STUBBORN MULE – Outlook Integration 

stubborn mule

Everyone has the user that doesn’t want to make the transition to Teams.  They love Outlook and never want to use anything else.  Now there is an option inside Teams that will forward a conversation out of Teams directly to an email address in Outlook.  This option is called “Share to Outlook”.  This may give that stubborn mule a little kick they need to move into Teams. 



Teams is a great tool that can bring team members together for collaboration, communication, and so much more.  For more information on Teams feel free to contact Solace IT Solutions.