What is the Big Deal With Multi-Factor Authentication and Do I need It?

Multi-factor Authentication has become a must in a world where we access personal information online. In many cases, we access financial institutions, health information from doctors and insurance companies, and other personal information, daily, that we would never consider allowing others access. But we log in so easily allowing the possibility of a hacker to retrieve our login information and ultimately access our lives.

So, what can we do to limit this risk?

Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is a simple way to decrease this risk.  MFA is a second layer security that requires an additional step to access your accounts.  Think of it this way.  A password is layer one and “something you know”.  Adding an additional layer, “an action”, requires a little more effort but ultimately verifies the user is attempting to access the account.

A great example of MFA is DUO.  DUO is a multifactor authentication application that you simply place on your phone and connect with user accounts.  When you are accessing your account, the DUO authentication will pop up and ask you to approve the login via your mobile phone.  So easy, and so quick – a simple push notification to your phone requiring an action from you and then you are logged into your account.

So how would this stop hackers? 

If you are not attempting to log into your account, the notification sent by DUO would send a red flag and alert you that someone may be attempting to log into your account. The hacker would also be blocked from logging in when you do not accept the action on your mobile device.  This simple step just eliminated a hacker’s attempt to log into your account and your information is still safe.

What accounts should I use MFA with?

All accounts.  From Facebook to your online banking account, you want to keep all accounts safe and your personal information in the hands of only those allowed to see it.  Therefore, it is a great idea to add MFA to your email accounts, social media accounts, and any online accounts you use for finances, health, or shopping.

Is there a MFA application that you suggest?

At Solace we use two different forms of MFA.  Microsoft Azure MFA, when enabled, requires a second action to access any Microsoft account including cloud applications accessed via Azure.  We also use DUO, a two-factor authenticator that is simple to set up and use.

For more information, or to add MFA to your organization, contact us today and ask us about our Solace Secure 365 offer – advanced security for your organization that protects your organization’s data through advanced email, login, and network security features.

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