Proactive IT Support for Custom Metal Fabricator

A 35-year-old NC-based custom metal fabrication and engineering firm was suffering from an aging IT infrastructure and poor support. They needed modern hardware and cost effective monitoring and support solution to help them remediate current issues and prevent future problems.


Solace recommended our Proactive IT Monitoring and Help Desk solution in addition to a general technology refresh. Problems due to outdated computers and software made maintenance and support very expensive.

Once the old machines and software were remediated, Eastridge deployed monitoring and remote support agents across the company’s IT infrastructure. A single fixed price monthly budget was established to field any support or downtime issues that would arise over the term of the agreement.


Our remote 24/7 monitoring, patching, and support tools allowed Solace to catch and resolve most issues before they became problems that caused downtime. For prime time work day issues our dedicated help desk team was here answer questions and escalate issues when appropriate.

Client: Custom Metal Fabricator

Focus: 24/7 Network Monitoring, IT Infrastructure, Managed Services

Date: July 2017



Lack of mobility
Aging equipment
Slow speeds
Inconsistent connectivity
Solution Highlights

Azure Based Virtual Machines
SSD hosted application storage