T. W. Garner: Makers of Texas Pete Streamline and Simplify Using Microsoft 365 Business

W. Garner Food Company, famous for their Texas Pete hot sauce, knew they needed to make changes necessary to further enable end-user productivity while saving time and money over the long term. The resulting partnership took elements of the existing process performed by their onsite IT staff and combined it with Microsoft 365 Business. The tech-savvy management of the privately-held company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina turned to their Microsoft 365 Business Partner, Solace IT Solutions, to find the answers.

The resulting partnership took elements of the existing process and combined it with Microsoft’s new 365 Business platform to create a  management solution that both simplifies and streamlines the end-user experience as well as the daily management tasks performed by their staff.

Background of the 365 Business Project

From its humble beginnings in a family-owned barbecue restaurant in 1929, the T.W. Garner Food Company has evolved into makers of a full line of sauces and salsas sold at markets and restaurants nationwide. Their most famous brand, Texas Pete, is now the number three brand of hot sauce in the United States.

The family-owned company takes pride in the quality of their products and their storied history. Despite their proud history, technology advancement plays a significant role in automated production as well as in the corporate environment. The value placed on technology is a way T. W. Garner Food Company looks to propel their brand forward.


Challenges of the 365 Business Project

As soon as Solace IT Solutions began discussing technology needs and concerns with the management of T.W. Garner, the new Microsoft 365 Business platform was clearly a natural resolution. A portion of Garner’s computers were using Office 365 but most were still on an Office 2013 enterprise agreement without software assurance. User systems had a mix of Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems, and a new PC deployment typically took an entire day to complete.

Additionally, lack of a solution for data loss prevention and centralized patch management left Garner at great risk. The continually expanding use of mobile devices further pressed the need for a management solution that would simplify and and streamline technology implementation.


365 Business Project Solution

Solace used the features of Microsoft 365 Business to consolidate end-user licensing, centralize user management, and reduce risk. Using Microsoft 365 Business, a single login makes it possible for IT professionals to complete user setups with operating systems and applications, schedule and apply system policies, manage mobile devices, control security and manage data loss prevention.

Client: W. Garner Food Company

Focus: Microsoft Busines 365

Date: July 2017



Mix of OS and application versions
No centralized patch management
No data loss prevention
Time consuming user setups

Cloud Solutions Used

Azure AD
Office 365 Business Premium
Enterprise Mobility + Security
Windows 10 Business

Result Highlights

Single management portal
Notable decrease in user setup time
Data loss prevention
Mobile device management
Collaboration services in used

Results of the 365 Business Project

Garner reports that use of Microsoft 365 for Business has cut the time it takes to set up a new PC user in half, saving Garner both time and money. One portal allows their IT staff to manage all aspects of Office 365, Intune, multiple group policies, antivirus, Windows operating system deployment, mobile device management, and data loss prevention. Collaboration is also made easier with use of Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and Office Business Premium’s ability to co-author documents. Additionally, Garner is also able to save on licensing costs, as the cost per user of the Microsoft 365 Business product is cheaper than the previously available products individually.

And most importantly, the new environment has allowed Healthy Places NC to grow, benefiting many rural residents of North Carolina. With the help of Healthy Places NC, local convenience stores and small neighborhood stores now offer healthy foods, while other counties have expanded transportation services removing transportation barriers. Health centers have been created to address health concerns, and other communities have initiated the Nurse-Family Partnership that gives support to first-time moms. Through facilitated collaborative planning and implementation processes made possible by the Azure environment, Healthy Places NC has and will continue to address many concerns that face rural areas of North Carolina.