Microsoft is set to release the next ‘update’ to Windows in May.  This update will upgrade Windows from version 1809 to 1903 and will begin rolling out in the next few days.  Although this update is not as big as some of the others from Microsoft it does bring some interesting changes along with it.

Light Theme  

The first feature that has changed is that Microsoft has added a new light theme to the desktop appearance.  The default and only option for the desktop appearance has been the one that Microsoft shipped with Windows.  With the updated version Microsoft has given users an option to change the look and feel of the desktop.  Along with the new light theme, Microsoft also made the UI (user Interface) more consistent across all the windows and from program to program.  The Start menu has also had an update.  Users can now uninstall Microsoft default programs such as Microsoft Mail from the Start menu, which can clear up clutter and free up space.

Cortana and Search Features

Microsoft changed Search and Cortana into separate features. Choose between the voice command of Cortana to search for files or simply use the search bar and enter your file name.  Many users however may not notice this change as the they rarely used Cortana or the Search feature.  But some users will truly enjoy being able to use Cortana to search for files on their system.

Windows Sandbox

One of the biggest features that Microsoft has added to the May 2019 update is Windows Sandbox.  This feature is only available for Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise users.  It is not available in Windows 10 Home. This feature allows users to ‘spin’ up an actual Windows 10 install and run a downloaded .exe file from the web to make sure that it is not infected with a virus. It also allows the user to install an upgrade to a new version of software to test the stability of it in their environment.  This feature is a power user feature, meaning that most users will not use it, but for those with technology knowledge, it could be a great feature.  The sandbox gives the user a fresh install of Windows 10 each time it is opened to play and test functions.

File Explorer

The next improvement that Microsoft made is to File Explorer.  There are no major updates here, just some minor tweaks.  The first is in the downloads folders where the default arrangement has been to make the most recent download listed first with all downloads being organized by date. The File Explorer icon has also been given an update.

Forced Updates

Microsoft also made changes to Windows Updates.  Microsoft is no longer forcing users to install new feature updates immediately.  Users will now be able to install only security patches and/or driver updates.  Microsoft will still alert you that a new feature update is available, but you are not required to install it.  The security patches and driver updates also have an option to postpone the install for 35 days.

There are, of course, several other improvements throughout Windows, but they are subtle, and most users may not even notice the changes. However, this update is important.  Microsoft continues to listen to users and constantly attempt to improve the user’s experience and provide critical security updates and features through these updates.

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